Pipes Materials

Erika Arborea

Erika Arborea, also known as briar, is a typical plant of the Mediterranean area – the top quality can be found in Liguria, Tuscany, Calabria and Corsica- at about 700-800 meters above sea level. The briar roots, carved and cleaned of their branches, are first transformed by the sawyers and then boiled for a whole day. Whereas, the craftsman who will carve the roots is totally responsible for the seasoning phase, which most affects the quality of the pipe, and as a consequence, the pleasure of smoking it. Personally I carve the briar roots after 3-4 years for commercial pipes and after 7-10 years for top quality pipes.

Other Materials

For mounts, mouthpieces and heels I use first quality materials coming from all over the world, selected with the greatest care by suppliers in China as well as in Poland and Italy. In particular, I use superior wood, jade and bamboo for the heels; amber and horn for mouthpieces and heels; methacrylate for the mouthpieces and silver for the mounts.

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